AbekeGele a.k.a Rose Autogele

The Gele style with many names, We named it Icongele then people changed it to Iconic, Avant-Garde, Take-a-bow and last but not the least Rose Auto-Gele which actually seems to have stuck because they do remind one of roses.

They are unique and exquisite pieces designed to titillate the fashion palate of today’s woman of color.

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Ready To wear Fashion Turbans

A mix of classy, Imaginative and Original designs, we believe there’s at least one style in here with your name on it, so which will it be?

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Round Auto-Gele

Known worldwide as the Nigerian Gele, it has transformed over the years and we took it upon ourselves to automate it for you and increase the amount of options of Pleated Auto Gele styles available to you. You are definitely in for a treat.

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Online Classes taught by the inventor of the Autogele. Abeke brings you into her studio to teach you everything she knows about millinery.

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